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Q2 Geopolitical Outlook Unconventional Wisdom

April 25 2024

Our Q2 Geopolitical Outlook Webinar is out now. In 30 minutes, we covered the outlook for the Middle East, including re-escalation risk; what China is trying to accomplish in the South China Sea with its blockade in the Second Thomas Shoal; how markets are under-pricing the risks in the Russia-Ukraine conflict; and points of consideration in the gathering U.S. election drama.


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Tina Fordham featured at the European House -Ambrosetti

Challenges and Opportunities for Economic Growth

April 5 2024

I’ve shared my views on the current challenges and opportunities to ensure economic growth with The European House – Ambrosetti.


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Tina Fordham featured on a Bloomberg interview

Geopolitical Risks and the Middle-East Conflict

April 5 2024

I’ve joined Guy Johnson at Bloomberg The Pulse to discuss Geopolitical risks, the escalation of the Middle East conflict, as well as the US Elections and Secretary Janet Yellen’s visit to China.


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Tina Fordham at a CNBC interview.

Europe’s Thoughts on US Elections

April 5 2024

I have joined Stephen Sedgwick on CNBC at The European House-Ambrosetti live from Lake Como to discuss US Elections and what’s on the minds of Europe’s CEOs when it comes to Trump vs Biden.


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A screenshot from a Telegraph media article

Prepare for the rerun of Trump v Biden

April 2 2024

I have discussed with Lucy Burton from The Telegraph about the US Elections and the decision of business leaders to postpone decisions on capital-raising plans or deal talks until after November’s election.


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A picture of Tina Fordham

An interview with Finanz und Wirtschaft

March 28 2024

I’ve talked to Sylvia Walter, of the leading Swiss publication Finanz und Wirtschaft, about the fears of outbreaks of violence around the US elections and the lack of clarity for markets.


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The Navigator – Episode 6

March 18 2024

In the latest episode of The Navigator, I explain our thesis on the New Geopolitical Risk Supercycle and assess the most likely geopolitical risks to move markets in the weeks ahead.


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Tina Fordham at Bloomberg Television

Bloomberg Television 

March 6 2024

Americans are exhausted by politics and unimpressed by the economic recovery. Meanwhile, the world is on edge waiting to see who will win the White House, and how they will respond to a world on fire. I joined Bloomberg to discuss “Super Tuesday” and what to watch for in this extraordinary race.


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Tina Fordham and Jamie White

Nano-Navigator episode 2

March 3 2024

The Nano-Navigator is Fordham Global Foresight’s new rapid reaction video series. In this edition, I talk to Jamie White about the 3 impactful geopolitical developments and what they have in common from a #PQ (Political Quotient) perspective.


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Tina Fordham at Bloomberg Adria

Bloomberg Adria

February 27 2024

Marking the 2nd Anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia on February 24th, Tina Fordham joins Asya Francisti to discuss the ongoing war in Ukraine-Russia. Touching on the economic effects this war has had on both Russia and Europe, the stalemate on the battlefield and the increasingly difficult position of Ukraine.


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Tina Fordham at Bloomberg's The Pulse

Bloomberg: The Pulse

February 19 2024

Tina Fordham joins Tom Mackenzie on Bloomberg’s The Pulse to discuss the implications of Alexei Navalny’s sudden death in an Arctic prison, as well as the potential impact on the passage of US military aid to Ukraine, defence spending in Europe and what is likely to be a rising security risk premium around the world.


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The Navigator: Episode 5

February 2 2024

In this episode, Tina discusses some shortcuts for thinking about US elections and what markets may be misunderstanding about the conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine.


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Bloomberg: The Pulse

January 31 2024

Tina Fordham and Chatham’s House Director of the US and Americas Programme, Leslie Vinjamuri, join Francine Lacqua to discuss Biden’s plans for a US response to the recent drone attack in Jordan, the upcoming elections worldwide and the implications of Trump presidency in the United States in 2024.


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The Navigator: Episode 4

January 12 2024

In the January edition of The Navigator, watch Tina Fordham share her #1 tip for how boards and C-Suite executives can navigate the challenges of 2024, and highlights the 4 geopolitical risk factors most likely to impact markets she is tracking on the January Navigator Watchlist.


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Press Release: FGF and Diligent

November 29 2023 

Fordham Global Foresight Announces Partnership with Diligent to Help Organisations Navigate an Increasingly Complex Geopolitical Landscape


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November 26 2023 

In this Sunday episode Tina goes through the papers and the issues of the day with the brilliant Emma Nelson and Latika Bourke. Topics ranged from the Christmas season and touched on immigration, green policy backlash and the war in the Middle East as lightning rods of public opinion as we head into 2024, the biggest year for elections in world history.

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The Navigator: Episode 2

November 2023 

In this episode, Tina previews highlights of Fordham Global Foresight’s 2024 Geopolitical Outlook: Inflection Point, including the key themes and drivers of global political change most likely to impact markets and the business environment, plus signposts to watch in the year ahead.


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Middle East Conflict is a lightning rod…

10 November 2023 Bloomberg The Pulse

The Middle East Conflict is a lightning rod for global public opinion” Tina joins  Kriti Gupta to discuss the Middle East and main themes for the year ahead, namely the possibility of “Triple Conflict Risk”, “Elections Everywhere”, and emergence of “New Doom Loops”



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The Navigator: Episode One

October 2023 

Tina will explain her thesis on the New Geopolitical Risk Supercycle and discuss the outlook for conflict and escalation in the Middle East following the Hamas attack upon Israel. 


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Israel and Hamas Conflict

09 October 2023: Bloomberg The Close

Tina joins Romaine Bostick and Katie Griefeld to discuss the situation in the Middle East as the conflict between Israel and Hamas continues for the 3rd day


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Fraga Lou Podcast

10 September 2023 

Tina joins Sverrir Thor at the Real Summit Conference in Helsingborg, Sweden for a live interview.

Struggling to make sense of the business implications of global developments? Listen to hear about the main trends in current geopolitics and learn how to raise your Gllobal ‘PQ’ Political Quotient. 

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Monocle, ‘The Briefing’ Podcast 

Quality of Life Conference: 01 Sept 2023

 ‘The Briefing’ live from Munich featuring Tina Fordham of Fordham Global Foresight and Benno Zogg, head of Strategy and International Affairs at the Swiss Department of Defence, in conversation with Monocle editor Emma Nelson, looking at how governments and businesses can be better prepared for geopolitical risks. 

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The Road to Rostov

Bloomberg Surveillance: 26 June 2023

Tina Fordham joins Tom Keene and Lisa Abramowicz to discuss the recent developments in Russia and the road to Rostov


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The New Geopolitical Risk Supercycle?

LSEG: 20 June 2023

How long will the new geopolitical risk supercycle last? What are the key themes and signposts to watch, and how can investors and business leaders better-anticipate bumps in the road ahead

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How Understanding Geopolitics Makes You a Better Leader and a Happier Person”

Trouble Club: 3rd April 2023

Tina Fordham joins Julianna Tatelbaum on stage to discuss geopolitics and explains why we need to care about it more than ever in the current state of the world.


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Beware Wikipedia-surfing Kissinger Wannabes

Financial Times: 11th April 2023

Cometh the crisis, cometh the armchair experts. Whether it is debt crises, pandemics, vaccine efficacy, invasions or bank failures, the Dunning-Kruger Effect — the inverse relationship between knowledge and confidence — comes instantly to the fore.


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Are Female Leaders Becoming An Endangered Species?

Forbes: April 5 2023

Marin’s ouster follows the recent resignations of New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern and Scottish National Party’s Nicola Sturgeon, raising questions about the staying power of women in politics.


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New Senior Independent Board Director

April 2023

Martyn Brush is a C-suite Financial Services executive and innovator in Risk. Martyn started his career as a Derivatives trader, specialising in Commodities and Foreign Exchange. 



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The New Geopolitical Risk Supercycle

Forbes: 2nd April 2023

Geopolitical risk is back and rapidly re-shaping the global business environment. Artificially suppressed during the period of super-empowered central banks and historically regarded…



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Intro to Tina Fordham / Geopolitics

March 2023

Geopolitical Strategist and Fordham Global Foresight Founder, Tina Fordham, explains her innovative approach to “firewalking” through the decade of disruption ahead and explains how to raise your “PQ”– Political Quotient.

Video Credit: High Peak Productions 

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Changes to Come in Market Dynamics

March 2023

Today’s guest outlines how she expects financial services bosses and the policymakers setting their rules will adapt to a “paradigm shift” in global geopolitics that will see China get increasingly assertive, US more protectionist and Russia more aggressive.

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One Goal for Munich

Bloomberg Surveillance: 16th February 2023

Tina Fordham talking to Bloomberg Surveillance about the goal for Munich: To project unity on Ukraine to the Kremlin



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Coalition for Global Prosperity

8th February 2023

Today I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel entitled “Being a Woman is a Development Superpower” at the Global Britain Summit.

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CNBC Worldwide Exchange

9th January 2023

“One of the two or three most important implications of the battle is what it means for raising the U.S. debt ceiling.” @CNBCWEX

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CNN with Rahel Solomon

4th January 2023

Discussing the 2023 Global Political Outlook: Firewalking with Rahel Solomon on First Move CNN.

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