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Founded in 2022 by leading geopolitical strategist Tina Fordham, Fordham Global Foresight (FGF) is an independent geopolitical advisory firm based in London.  

FGF helps boards and the C-suite navigate geopolitical risks and social change in order to thrive during a period of disruption unprecedented for this generation of business leaders. 

Tina Fordham is a trailblazer in the field of global political risk; for nearly 25 years she has advised institutional investors, boards, prime ministers, 3-star generals, the UN and the C-suite about geopolitical and socio-economic risks, including 17 years as the first chief global political analyst at a major financial institution and the first head of global political risk at Eurasia Group. Wall Street. 

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Boards, management and executive committees and partners from global finance, law, private equity, hedge funds, real estate, pension funds, insurance, asset management, tech, defence & aerospace, big pharma, autos, energy, shipping, mining, FMCG, international institutions and multi-lateral organisations

  • Pragmatic and pro-business 
  • User-friendly, concise, forward-looking and actionable
  • Proven, crisis-tested track record and senior executive-level expertise
  • Designed for well-read, well-connected senior leaders with busy agendas
  • Transparent sourcing and robust analytical framework  
  • Comprehensive approach incorporating wide range of non-traditional and asymmetric factors
  • Global perspective for global firms-not Washington-centric 
  • Contextualised against the backdrop of financial markets and the global economy and understanding of systemic risk trajectories

Global Political Outlook Briefings 

A forward-looking, data-driven, comprehensive overview of the key geopolitical and socio-economic themes impacting the business and investment outlook with actionable recommendations 

Geopolitical Masterclasses 

Building Your Leadership Team’s PQ: Sessions training leaders and decision-makers in techniques for reading the political risk “tea leaves” needed to navigate a volatile business environment and developing your leadership team’s “PQ”—Political Quotient 

Quarterly/Bi-annual Bespoke Briefings 

Quarterly/bi-annual bespoke, interactive geopolitical business Intelligence workshops tailored to the risks your business is most exposed to 

Bespoke Creation of Analytical Frameworks 

Bespoke creation of analytical frameworks and indices integrating political, security and socio-economic factors 

Systematic Tracking 

Systematic tracking and monitoring of key threats, political signposts (e.g. elections) and government policy 

Tailored “Deep Dive” 

Tailored “deep dive” research and analysis 

Keynote Speeches 

Keynote speeches, client events and CEO/CIO dinners 

Clients & Services

“Tina Fordham produces best- in-class political analysis” 

 -Former US Treasury Secretary 

“Tina’s presentation to our board was described by many as the best we’ve ever had. Concise, thoughtful, and didn’t shy away from the big issues our industry faces”  

-Managing Partner, Global Law Firm  

“A superstar in geopolitics”  

-CEO, Business Association 

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