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In 2022, after nearly 25 years as a pioneer in the field of global political risk for corporates and investors, geopolitical strategist Tina Fordham founded Fordham Global Foresight, an independent consultancy dedicated to advising boards and the C-suite about geopolitical, socio-economic and financial risks.

FGF draws upon the combined 50+ years of expertise of both Tina Fordham, Founder and Geopolitical Strategist and Martyn Brush, Senior Independent Board Advisor, to provide fresh, pro-business insights and actionable advice to institutional investors and senior business leaders.

In a rapidly-changing business and investment environment, where globalisation has receded and geopolitical risks have moved to the central scenario—at the same time as the fiscal and monetary policy outlook has become more complex—the potential for systemic risks is heightened. We think this is a structural change in trend.But opportunities also emerge during times of volatility and flux–for those with the confidence to spot them and seize them.

“Fortune Favours the Brave…but Chance Favours the Prepared Mind”

– Louis Pasteur, 1854


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How can investors and business leaders navigate unprecedented geopolitical volatility and social change?

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FGF advises clients on how to strengthen their internal capacity to better-anticipate and manage unconventional risks and changes in trend by learning to “Firewalk” through the coming decade of dislocation and raising their “PQ”–Political Quotient.

FGF services include global outlook briefings for boards, ex comms, annual partners’ meetings and CEO/CIO dinners; presentations at client events, interactive workshops on key risks and trends, and bespoke frameworks tracking and monitoring institutional risk exposure. 

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We are still talking internally about how we need to “raise our PQ” on a given issue. Tina’s insights really helped improve our decision-making process.


Tina’s presentation to our board was described by many as the best we’ve ever had. Concise, thoughtful and didn’t shy away from the big issues our industry faces.


You warned our clients about the significance of Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, the need to stress test our portfolios for Brexit and Trump’s election in 2016, and again of the risks of Russian invasion in 2022. Consistently spot on.


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